Rabu, 04 Agustus 2010

Digital Communcation Systems Using System Vue

Dennis Silage
Da Vinci/Charles River Media, 2006 - 365 pages
SystemVue (formerly SystemView) by Eagleware-Elanix is a communication systems simulator with advanced capabilities for design, analysis and implementation in DSP processors and in HDL. Digital Communication Systems Using SystemVue serves as an introduction to simulation for undergraduate students in a contemporary course, where it provides the opportunity to go beyond the lecture or the hardware laboratory. Graduate students in a rigorous first course will find the SystemVue simulation environment an adjunct to their understanding of the concepts of digital communication systems, facilitating their projects and thesis. Professionals, once having had a course primarily in analog communications, will be able to acquaint themselves with modern digital communications in the SystemVue simulation environment. An extensive discussion of the precepts of digital communications is coupled with simulation models and observed results. With clear and concise descriptions this is an essential guide for anyone wishing to fully utilize SystemVue.

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