Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010

Children With Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties and Communcation Problem. There is Always a Reason

Melanie Cross
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004 - 184 pages

"Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD) are far more likely to have communication problems than their peers. Exploring the ways in which children's language and emotional development are linked, Melanie Cross considers the reasons why b"

Classroom Communication and Instructional Processes. Advances Through Meta-Analysis

Barbara Mae Gayle
Routledge, 2006 - 451 pages
This volume offers a systematic review of the literature on communication education and instruction. Making meta-analysis findings accessible and relevant, the editors of this volume approach the topic from the perspective that meta-analysis serves as a useful tool for summarizing experiments and for determining how and why specific teaching and learning experiences have positive student outcomes. The topics covered here are meaningful and relevant to classroom practice, and each chapter offers a summary of existing quantitative social science research using meta-analysis. With contributions from experienced researchers throughout the communication discipline, this work provides a unique analysis of research in instructional communication.

Taken together, the chapters in this volume enhance understanding of behaviors, practices, and processes that promote positive student outcomes. This book is a must-read for scholars, graduate students, and researchers in communication education, and will also be of interest to scholars and researchers in education.

Classroom communication and Diversity. Enhancing Instructional Practice

Robert G. Powell, Dana L. Powell
Taylor and Francis, 2010 - 296 Pages

Teachers face myriad communication challenges in today's classroom, reflecting the growing diversity of the student body; the ever-increasing number of students; gender issues; and students' learning disabilities. This volume provides a useful framework for helping new and experienced teachers manage the diverse communication challenges they encounter. It also encourages teachers to reflect on how their personal cultures influence their expectations about appropriate classroom communication and ways to demonstrate learning.
This textbook is distinctive in its integration of information from a variety of sources to establish a viewpoint that focuses on the needs of the individual learner. Drawing on the research in the communication and education disciplines, authors Robert G. Powell and Dana Caseau provide theoretical models and useful strategies for improving instructional practices. They address the ways in which culture influences communication in the classroom, and assist teachers in developing the skills necessary to meet the needs of the students in their classrooms.
Much of the information shared in this text derives from the authors' research and experience in schools and from the experiences of others, including teachers, parents, and children. Their experiences, combined with the cross-disciplinary approach, produce a volume of unique perspectives and considerable insight. Teachers and scholars in the communication and education disciplines will find this text to be a practical and valuable tool for classroom teaching, and it is appropriate for instructional communication courses in the areas of communication and education.

Communication and Networking Techniques for Traffic Safety Systems

Ioan Chisalita
Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköpings universitet, 2006 - 192 pages

Communication Year Book 32

Christina Beck
Taylor & Francis, 2008 - 436 pages

The Communication Yearbook annuals publish diverse, state-of-the-art literature reviews across the field of communication. Sponsored by the International Communication Association, volumes offer insightful descriptions of research as well as reflections on the implications of those findings for other areas of the discipline. Editor Christina S. Beck presents a diverse, international selection of articles that highlight empirical and theoretical intersections in the communication discipline

The Four Conversation. Daily Conversation That Gets Results

Jeffrey D. Ford, Laurie Ford
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2009 - 200 pages

Most conversations to get things done at work are of one of four types-initiative conversations, conversations for understanding, performance conversations, or conversations for closure-but they are often done poorly or misused. This book shows managers and employees how to use the right conversation at the right time, plan and start each conversation well, and finish each conversation effectively.

The Debatabase Book: A Must-Have Guide for Successful Debate

International Debate Education Association, Robert Trapp
IDEA, 2009 - 238 pages

An invaluable resource for debaters, this book provides background, arguments and resources on over 125 debate topics in areas as diverse as business, science and technology, environment, politics, religion, culture and education. All topics have been updated and new topics added for this edition. Among the new topics are: Age Discrimination Antarctic Exploitation Use of Biofuels Doctrine in Broadcasting, Reintroducing the Fairness Use of Coal Dealing with Climate Change: Regulation v. Market Methods Extraordinary Rendition Restrictions on Habeas Corpus Homemakers, Paid for Their Work? Drinking Age Offshore Drilling Hosting of Olympic Games Government Incentives for Alternative Fuel Cars Driving Age Justification for Terrorism Voter Identification Laws Wikipedia, Force for Good? Each entry presents: the topic; an introduction placing the question in context; arguments pro and con; sample motions; and web links and print resources for further research. Organized in a handy A-Z format, the book also includes a topical index for easy searching.