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Business Communication Quarterly

Editor: Melinda Knight Montclair State University
Editorial Assistant: James Maciukenas Illinois Institute of Technology
Book Review Editor: Patty Keefe Durso Montclair State University
Managing Editor: Betty S. Johnson Stephen F. Austin State University

Business Communication Quarterly is a refereed journal devoted to the teaching of business communication. The journal aims to present the many interdisciplinary, international, and organizational perspectives that characterize the field. Most BCQ manuscripts fall into one of the following categories. Suggested lengths are for the main text of the submission (i.e., exclusive of abstract, references, and appendices):

  • Feature articles (1,500-4,500 words): BCQ welcomes a variety of theoretical, applied, and practical approaches and topics, including qualitative and quantitative research on classroom teaching or assessment, case studies of specific classroom techniques, reports on strategies for program development, and reviews of scholarship relevant to business communication pedagogy

  • Innovative Assignment articles (1,500-4,500 words): This type of article presents a fresh approach to a traditional assignment or topic in business communication. The submission should justify the innovative approach (with some reference to previously published work), provide enough detail to allow readers to adapt the approach in their own teaching, and provide evidence for the effectiveness of the approach.

  • “Focus on” articles (1,000 words): Submissions to columns such as Focus on Teaching and Focus on Business Practices should respond to the topics and deadlines for those columns as announced on the ABC Web site: http://www.businesscommunication.org/index.asp.

  • Reviews (1,000 words): Reviews may cover textbooks, scholarly monographs, trade books, and new media relevant to business communication pedagogy. A list of books available for review is available from the book review editor. Go to http://www.montclair.edu/cwe/bcq. Reviewers may also suggest items not on the list, but should correspond with the book review editor before writing a review.

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