Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010

The Debatabase Book: A Must-Have Guide for Successful Debate

International Debate Education Association, Robert Trapp
IDEA, 2009 - 238 pages

An invaluable resource for debaters, this book provides background, arguments and resources on over 125 debate topics in areas as diverse as business, science and technology, environment, politics, religion, culture and education. All topics have been updated and new topics added for this edition. Among the new topics are: Age Discrimination Antarctic Exploitation Use of Biofuels Doctrine in Broadcasting, Reintroducing the Fairness Use of Coal Dealing with Climate Change: Regulation v. Market Methods Extraordinary Rendition Restrictions on Habeas Corpus Homemakers, Paid for Their Work? Drinking Age Offshore Drilling Hosting of Olympic Games Government Incentives for Alternative Fuel Cars Driving Age Justification for Terrorism Voter Identification Laws Wikipedia, Force for Good? Each entry presents: the topic; an introduction placing the question in context; arguments pro and con; sample motions; and web links and print resources for further research. Organized in a handy A-Z format, the book also includes a topical index for easy searching.

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