Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Life Span Communication

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Lif span communication
Routledge, 2005 - 304 Pages
Loretta L. Pecchioni, Kevin B. Wright, Jon F. Nussbaum

This innovative text emphasizes how communicative processes develop, are maintained, and change throughout the life span. Topics covered include language skills, interpersonal conflict management, socialization, care-giving, and relationship development. Core chapters examine specific communication process from infancy through childhood and adolescence into middle age and later life. In its exploration of the role of communication in human development, this volume: * overviews the theoretical and methodological issues related to studying communication across the life span; * discusses foundations of communication: cognitive processes and language; * examines communication in relational contexts and communication competencies; * considers communication in leisure and the media with relevance to the life-span perspective; and * presents the implications of the life-span perspective for future research. This text is intended to be used in life-span communication courses and in interpersonal communication courses with a life-span focus, at an advanced or graduate level. It may also be used in courses on family communication, aging, and language development. It will serve as a supplemental text for courses in psychology, family studies, personal relationships, linguistics, and language studies.

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