Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Mastering Communication at Work

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McGraw Hill Professional, 2009 - 240 pages
Ethan F. Becker, Jon Wortmann
There's no way around it. Your success is atrisk if you can't communicate effectively. Ifyou want to make a difference in your organization,you must develop a communicationplaybook of strategic responses to challengingsituations so the people around you thrive.The good news is that you can learn how tobecome a master communicator. All you needis desire and this eminently practical guide.InMastering Communication at Work, leadershipcommunication experts Ethan F. Beckerand Jon Wortmann describe easy-to-implementtechniques for communicating in waysthat empower teams, serve clients, and developstronger relationships. You'll learn the secretsto making trust-building an innate part of yourlifeand use your new talent to reduce yourstress and improve your organization on everylevel.Mastering Communication at Workwillinstantly get you on track with Clear, actionable advice you canput to use right away Descriptions of the communicationtendencies everyone needs to be ableto identify and execute Simple drills to practice during yournext meeting, one-on-one conversationor even sitting at your desk Case studies, success stories, andoriginal research proving the impactof the authors' techniques and formatsWhen you master the wisdom inside, effectiveand motivational communication becomes, inthe authors' words, "as natural as breathing."UseMastering Communication at Workas yourcoach and you'll see immediate results in yourself,your people, and your organization.

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