Selasa, 21 September 2010

The body: The Key Concepts

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Lisa Blackman
Berg, 2008 - 160pages

Questions around 'the body' are central to social theory. Our changing understanding of the body now challenges the ways we conceive power, ideology, subjectivity and social and cultural process. The Body: The Key Concepts  highlights and analyzes the debates which make the body central to current sociological, psychological, cultural and feminist thinking.  Today, questions around the body are intrinsic to a wide range of debates--from technological developments in media and communications, to socio-cultural questions around representation, performance, class, race, gender and sexuality, to the more 'physical' concerns of health and illness, sleep, diet and eating disorders, body parts and the senses. The Body: The Key Concepts is the ideal introduction for any student seeking a concise and up-to-date analysis of the complex and influential debates around the body in contemporary culture.

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