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Globalization, Governmentality and Global Politics:Regulation for the Rest of Us?

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Ronnie D. Lipschutz, James K. Rowe
Routledge, 2005 - 253pages

Globalization is moving fast, impacting on the life of nations with accelerating force. This book delivers a keen assessment of how it is being handled by specific groups seeking positive outcomes for the people and causes they represent. Transnational social regulation is increasingly becoming the product of private interventions into the areas of global trade, corporate behavior and consumerism. The widespread failure of states and corporations to regulate the impact of increased globalization has given rise to non-governmental organizations and movements, seeking to influence corporations regarding social responsibilities and to address concerns about human rights, environmental destruction, unhealthy working conditions and child labor. This study critically evaluates the effectiveness of private regulation, assessing both the issues and problems that have given rise to various movements and campaigns, and the movements themselves. Using three detailed case-studies on the clothing industry,sustainable forestry and corporate social responsibility more generally, he explores the consequent tension between politics and management in light of these actions and examines the theoretical implications of these forms of social regulation for politics, citizenship and the state. Finally, Lipschutz asks what we are to do and calls for a return to politics centered on the direct participation of the individual in the social choices that affect the conditions and making of their own lives, individually and collectively. This book is essential for students, researcher and activists studying and concerned about globalization, civil society, citizenship and human rights.

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