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Encyclopedia of Communication and Information

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Jorge Reina Schement
Macmillan Reference USA, 2002 - 1161 pages

This new three-volume encyclopedia summarizes the current state of knowledge in the communication and information science fields, which are changing rapidly. The 280 signed articles in the set, edited by Schement (communication and information policy, Pennsylvania State Univ.), were written primarily by U.S. academics, along with a few contributions from industry and international sources. Entries cover eight general topics: careers in the communication and information fields, information science, information technologies, literacy, institutional studies, interpersonal communication, library science, and media effects. Students will find that the articles provide a good overview of each topic and that most have a bibliography. Many favorite student topics, such as subliminal advertising, media effects on body image, and minorities in the media, are included. The biographical entries range from famous figures like newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer to lesser-known individuals, such as the noted African American librarian and storyteller Augusta Braxton Baker. A detailed index and See Also references add to the encyclopedia's value. This set should be purchased by undergraduate libraries as well as by libraries serving high school students. Judy Solberg, George Washington Univ. Lib., Washington, DC

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