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Handbook of Communication and Emotion: Research, Theory, Applications, and Contexts

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Peter A. Andersen, Laura K. Guerrero
Academic Press, 1998 - 590 pages

Emotion is once again at the forefront of research in social psychology and personality. The Handbook of Communication and Emotion provides a comprehensive look at the questions and answers of interest in the field: How are specific emotions (fear, jealousy, anger, love) communicated? How does the effectiveness, or ineffectiveness, of this communication affect relationships? How is the communication of emotion utilized to deceive, or persuade, others? This important reference work is edited by top researchers in the field of communication and authored by a who's who in emotion and communication.

Key Features
* Provides a comprehensive look at the role of communication in emotion
* Includes contributions from top researchers in the field of communications
* Examines how specific emotions are communicated
* Includes important new research on the effect of communication on relationships

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