Rabu, 01 September 2010

Key Concept in Communication and Cultural Studies

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Tim O'Sullivan
Routledge, 1994 - 367 pages

Key Concepts in Communication and Cultural Studies is a book to help you 'come to terms' with terms. Communication and Cultural Studies says new things in new ways, resulting in not only new words, concepts and theories, but also in the reworking of concepts and terms from a wide-range of established disciplines. Key Concepts provides a practical and accessible guide to this exciting field.This second edition forms a multi-disciplinary glossary of the concepts you are most likely to encounter in the study of communication and culture - from 'audience' to 'stardom', from 'ethnography' to 'orientalism'.The new edition includes:Over sixty new additions to the original textMany entries revised and rewrittenCoverage of recent developments in communications and cultural studies.

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